ECO HOUSE Ltd. an enterprise, specialized in building prefabricated houses and structures according to customer’s request. The main activities of the company are design, production and assembling of prefabricated and wooden houses. All ECO HOUSES are unique, built according to customer’s request regardless of which available structure they choose.

Adaptibility, cooperation and fulfillment of buyer’s requests

The main lead of the enterprise ECO HOUSE is to fulfill their customers’ needs and wishes. Therefore, each structure is designed in very close cooperation with end users, respecting their individual wishes and needs. We get into partnership with our customers so thereof, we plan together and design the final solutions. Thereto, our customer is not limited to certain standard houses but is free to pursue his own plans for a house without any restrictions.

Why to select a prefabricated house?

Difference between traditional “wet” construction works of bricks and mortar and “dry” building of prefabricated houses is as line between wet and dry clothing: you feel uncomfortable in the former and comfortable in the latter. It also applies to the entire atmosphere in the house. If one takes care of what he is eating or drinking, thus leading a healthy life, it is a reason more to be aware of the ambient in which his/her children are born and growing.

Who are prefabricated EKO HOUSES suitable for?

Prefabricated ECO HOUSE is ideal for everyone, but primarily for people suffering asthma, rheumatism and allergies. Synthetic construction materials enhance growing of bacteria, fungi and may provoke allergies in dwellers. In contrast, the wall structure of our houses makes balance in the air moisture and it is the reason why the air indoors remains unpolluted and fresh. The air climate indoors of our prefabricated houses, regardless of season, remains ideal, in summer the air being fresh and in winter – comfortably warm. For ECO HOUSES top quality raw materials are used. The basic material is wood extracted from evergreen mountain woods grown in the vicinity of Ivanjica. Evergreen trees in that geographic region are of the best quality.

Storey prefabricated houses

It is our pleasure to inform you that based on 30-year experience, we completely mastered of production technology of multi-storied houses and referent designed solutions are additionally available on customers’ request and as well touring around the already completed objects.

One- and multi-storey houses of the ECO HOUSE system are registered with the Institute for intellectual properties as Author’s work.