Technical description


All range of prefabricated houses offered by the firm EKO KUCA are delivered with completely finalized exterior (High Rohbau).

The basic price in the offer includes the following:

  • Thermal insulated exterior walls with built- in windows and entrance door
  • Thermal insulated interior walls
  • Installation designed walls for bedding electrical, water supply and sewage installations
  • Thermal insulated ceiling structure
  • Roof tiled structure with eaves
  • Horizontal and vertical gutters, plastic coloured sheeting
  • Exterior thermoinsulated façade with finishing decorative coloured mortar

1. Exterior walls

Multiple – layer wall elements by EKO KUCA are fabricated as high energy walls (energy saving), thickness 400 mm, with extremely good sound and thermal insulation ( U=0,1W/m2K ).

Exterior wall composition (inwards to outwards)
Plaster board 12.50 mm
Installation conduit space 60.00 mm
Moisture barrier 10.00 mm
OSB board 150.00 mm
Supporting skeleton wood structure 150.00 mm
Thermal and sound insulation of stone wool 150.00 mm
OSB board 10.00 mm
Hard façade Styrofoam 150.00 mm
Glue, mesh, glue, finishing decorative coloured mortar 7.50 mm
Total wall thickness 400.00 mm

2. Interior walls

Interior wall composition
Plaster board 12.50 mm
OSB board 10.00 mm
Supporting skeleton wood structure 100.00 mm
Thermal and sound stone wool insulation 100.00 mm
OSB board 10.00 mm
Plaster board 12.50 mm
Total wall thickness 145.00 mm

3. Overbuilding

Available with the houses with attick and 2- plane roofs. The 150 cm height provides free and normal moving and living for the dwellers.

4. Ceiling

Made in wood structure, according to structural calculations, with mineral wool thermal insulation of thickness 150 mm in single-storey houses, thus providing high energy saving in heating and cooling. The lower side is lined with plaster boards.

5. Roof structures

The roof structures are built with single, double and multiple roof planes. Multiple and luxurious eaves (overhanging eaves) are exceptional marks of each Eko House. EKO KUCA offers roofs with diversified roof pitches and forms, adaptable to local architecture and in comply with structural calculations. Lower eaves visible segments are lined with decorative aluminum lining, optional colour to customer’s request. Visible segments of the roof structure are dressed and surface machined. Roof cover is made in tiles by the Austrian manufacturer Tondach. Between the rafters is placed thermal mineral wool insulation of thickness 200 mm, with rods, moisture barrier and finishing plaster board laid underneath.

6. Canopies and balconies

All houses are equipped with useful entrance canopies. Canopies over terraces and balconies are optional according to individual projects.

7. Water drain

Complete sheet metal works (sheatings and gutters) are made in plastic coloured metal sheets.

8. Windows and balcony doors

All windows and balcony doors are installed 6-chamber white PVC profiles with sunk-in fittings produced by the German manufacturers VEKA and Rotto. Optionally, PVC profiles in timber design are additionally charged. Opening is available both horizontally and vertically. Glassing is performed in 3-layer glass filled with argon (U=0.7 W/m2K). Optionally, aluminum blinds and rolo insect protection nets are available and extra charged. Window sills in plastic aluminum coloured metal sheet are installed.

9. Entrance door

Quality design entrance doors are fitted with security fittings and safety lock and structural IZO glass openings.

10. Stairways

With multiple-storey and attic designed houses, the stairways are made of massive, vapour treated beech timber, glazed with parquet varnish.

11. Project documentation

The complete and overall project documentation is supplied in accordance with EU standards and regulations required for building licence (Einreichplan, Energieausweis).